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Post Video Production

   To Book Time Editing Call 903-363-4334

A.F. Productions has two 4K-UHD  and HD Video Editing Bays now open and available for editing your project with our full service editors available for any size project you may have.


We use iMac computers with the latest software from the ADOBE Production Suite.  Our talented story tellers will go the extra mile to make sure your editing is completed the way you invisioned it. We all have at least 25 years experience.  We use only state of the art equipment of today's newest technology !


When the client speaks we listen to every word you have to say. If you're not happy, then we're not happy either. Your satisfaction is our main mission and goal. We can handle projects the competition can only dream about.

We have two green screens to choose from that can be set up most any location for your production needs. Our screens are a 10 X 20 or a 6 X 9 foot screen. Bigger screens are available on request!


Here at AFP-HD our editors can provide extensive color correction and

special effects editing to fit your specifications. (We do it the way you want it to look.) This is for both HD and 4K-UHD video production.

Our editors also have the talent in editing HD audio and surround sound for your projects and sound track design to fit any requirements you may have!

Post Video Equipment List ! A. 27" iMac with 3.2Gig processor , with 4 cores B. 40 Gigs of Ram "1867" C. 1 TB main Drive D. 4 TB Scratch Drive E. 32 TB Storage Drives available for 4K edting F. Second Monitor 27 " Monitor for 4K and HD " G. 32 Channel Audio Console for mixing H. DAT Playback and Record I. DVD-BLU-RAY Mastering ! J. Reel to Reel Audio machines up to 10" Reels K. CD and DVD Mastering L. Special Effects in HD and 4K=UHD M. Sound Effects up to 40,000 to choose from N. Special Efects Compositing O. Green Screen Production w/ 10' X 20' and 6' X 9 ' screens available with lighting! P. Layering Special Effects Editing Q. Audio Track Design R. 4K and HD Color Correction for any video project ! S. 32" Client HD Monitor by Samsung If you don't see equipment you need listed, give us a call and we'll get it for you.

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