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  • Chapter 1 - The Merryweather
    • Troubled Waters
  • Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper's Eye
    • Escape from Fort Joy Ghetto
    • The Shakedown
    • The Arena of Fort Joy
    • The Murderous Gheist
    • The Imprisoned Elf
    • The teleporter
    • Finding Emmie
    • Withermoore's Soul Far
    • Every Mother's Nightmare
    • The Black Cat
    • The Collar
    • The Gargoyle’s Maze
    • Most Dangerous When Cornered
    • The Vault of Braccus Rex
    • The Voices
    • The Eternal Worshipper
    • Signs of Resistance
    • The Burning Pigs
    • A Fate Worse Than Death
    • Artifacts of the Tyrant
    • The Armoury
    • The Purged Dragon
    • Call to Arms
    • The Shriekers
  • Chapter 3 – I, the Godwoken
    • Lady O’War
    • To the Hall of Echoes
  • Chapter 4 – Mastering the Source
    • Powerful Awakening
    • The Missing Magisters
    • Strange Cargo
    • A Web of Desire
    • The Snoozing Adventurer
    • Hide and Seek
    • They Shall Not Pass
    • Lost and Found
    • The Driftwood Arena
    • The Wrecked Caravan
    • Drowning Her Sorrows
    • A Men and His Dog
    • Love Has a Price
    • The Burning Prophet
    • Red Ink in the Ledger
    • Aggressive Takeover
    • The Tribe of Saheila
    • Burial Rites
    • The Elven Seer
    • Heroes of the rest
    • Counting your chicken
    • Eithne the Trader
    • The Ugly Little Bird
    • A Danger to Herself and Others
    • Speaking in Forked Tongues
    • A Trial for All Seasons
    • Treated like cattle
    • Business Rivals
    • No Way Out
    • Wishful Thinking
    • Unlikely Lovers
    • A Generous Offer
    • Almira’s Request
    • All in the family
    • The Forgotten and the Damned
    • Delusions of Grandeur
    • Bound by Pain
    • The Silent One
    • Opposites Attract
    • An Existential Crisis
    • Shadow over Driftwood
    • A Taste of Freedom
    • The Law of the Order
    • Stranger in a Strange Land
    • Finder’s Fee
    • An Eye for an Eye
    • A Hunter of Wicked Things
    • The Advocate
    • The Bark’s Bite
    • Window of Opportunity
    • On the Ropes
    • Burying the Past
  • Chapter 5 – The Nameless Isle
    • The Nameless Isle
    • A Familiar Face
    • Seeking Revenge
    • An Unlikely Patron
    • The Sallow Man
    • Invaders
    • The Mother Tree
    • The Drowned Temple
    • The Watcher’s Mercy
    • Up in the Clouds
    • Running like Clockwork
    • The Academy
    • Proving Ground
    • The Key to Freedom
    • Unscholarly Pursuits
    • The Arena of the One
  • Chapter 6 - The Hunt for Dallis
    • The Vault of Linder Kemm
    • Old Means Gold
    • Finding Lord Arhu
    • A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares
    • Hammerfall
    • The Consulate
    • Battle at the Gates
    • The Execution
    • The Last Stand of the Magisters
    • A King Reborn
    • Mercy is Power
    • A Most Urgent Matter
    • Past Mistakes
    • The Secrets of the Dwarves
    • The Missing Prisoners
    • Doctor's Orders
  • Chapter 7 – To be Divine
    • End Times
  • My Companions

On Fort Joy Island, you will be able to recover the complete set of the Tyrant. Be aware that every part of this armor is cursed and you have to carry it in its entirety in order to remove all the malus. In addition, only a character with 11 in strength can wear it.

Hands of the Tyrant:

After completing “A Fate Worse Than Death” quest (picture1), collect the iron key on the necromancer corpse (picture2). Then open the door at the entrance to the tower (picture3). In the next room, move to the door locked by a magic spell.


Note: Attention, there are many traps in the area. If possible, use a teleportation spell to teleport you near the Magic Door (picture4). Then, go to the left to retrieve the antique key (picture5), allowing you to open the door.


If you have chosen to help Withermoore during “Withermoore’s Soul Far” quest, interact with the module to the left of the Magic Door (picture6). Withermoore will appear and thank you for releasing him. Choose the option “Accept your help” to open the portal (picture7). If you have not done this quest or just stolen the soul jar, you will have to touch the relic and use your Source to open the portal.


At the end of the area, interact with the right coffin (picture8). By having enough strength, you will manage to open it and get the first part of the armor: the Hands of the Tyrant (picture9).


Heart of Tyrant:

After reaching the treasure room in the “The Vault of Braccus Rex” quest, interact with the Brazier to find the Heart of Tyrant (picture10and11). Note: We explain how to collect each part of the armor in order. Don’t forget to do “The Voices” quest in the cave, because you need the Bless ability to collect the third item.


Tyrant’s Helm:

After finding Gareth during “Most Dangerous When Cornered” quest, take the opportunity to enter the armoury, in the center of the ruined castle (picture12). As soon as you arrive, interact with the spring fountain on your right to collect a source point (picture13). Then use your Bless ability on the lever located to the left of the door (picture14).


After activating the lever, you will complete “The Armoury” quest. Equip the Hands of the Tyrant on one of your team members and interact with the pillar. Choose “You focus your power and call the power of the Source of your fingers” (picture15). This allows you to open the pillar and collect the Tyrant’s Helm (picture16).


Tyrant’s Stride:

Return to the area where you find Withermoore’s soul far during “Withermoore’s Soul Far” quest (picture17). After borrowing the secret passage, head to the statue and interact with it (picture18).


Note: If you do not have enough perception, you will need to use a peace of mind spell to boost your stats for a few seconds. You can get this spell through a Ranger in your team or a scroll. Magister Kraus in the southwest of Fort Joy entrance has one on him (picture19).


Interact with the Statue and choose “Scratch the crack” (picture20). You find the Tyrant’s Stride (picture21).


Tracks of Tyrant:

Just after leaving Fort Joy prison, go north along the beach (picture22). You will eventually reach a ruined tower (picture23). Use a teleport scroll or teleportation gloves if you have done “The teleporter” quest to go directly to the top of the tower. Interact with the corpse to recover the Tracks of Tyrant (picture24). By placing all pieces of the Tyrant’s armor on your character, you will delete the Malus (picture25).



A Fate Worse Than Death The Armoury

Artifacts of the Tyrant | Game of Guides (2024)
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